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Product Overview

The SEBO Airbelt E1 Kombi is a mid-size, lightweight canister vacuum, attractively designed but with powerful performance and hospital-grade filtration.

Designed for homes with mostly hard floors and rugs, it boasts long cleaning reach, large capacity filter bag, on-board attachments, and quiet operation.

Convenient, Powerful Cleaning

The E1 Kombi features a Kombi floor nozzle with a retractable brush, perfect for quickly cleaning large areas of hard floors including wood, tile, stone, brick, and other hard flooring types. It has a toe-tap button on top to retract the floor brush when using to vacuum rugs or low-pile carpeting, and features a low 3 ½-inch profile for reaching underneath furniture.

  • Adjustable Suction: Even though it doesn’t have an electric powerhead, you can still adjust the suction level using the switch on the canister body of the E1 Kombi.
  • On-Board Tools: Additional cleaning tools—dusting brush, crevice, and upholstery tools—are stored on the canister body so they are easily accessed for cleaning all surface types.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed to fit comfortably in your hand and reduce wrist and arm fatigue.
  • Quick-release Connections: No fumbling or twisting—simply push and click tubes, floor nozzles, and other cleaning tools to connect them.

Allergen-Free Living

No matter how good your air filters are, fine dust, pollen, pet dander and other allergens still collect in our homes. SEBO Airbelt E1 has 3-stage, hospital-grade filtration to ensure that every allergen collected in the vacuum, stays in the vacuum.

  • Pre-Motor Filter: This first line of defense captures dust and dirt particles before they can wreak havoc on the vacuum’s internal components.
  • Sealed Bag: Captured dust and dirt remains sealed inside the 3-layer 0.92-gallon top-fill vacuum bag. Use the included cap when changing bags to ensure trapped debris stays inside.
  • S-Class Exhaust Filter: This stage-3 exhaust filter removes 99.97% of common household allergen particles down to 0.3 microns so your air is clean and fresh.

Easy to Maintain

From changing the bag to clearing a clog, keeping the Airbelt E1 in optimal operating condition is simple. Bags and filters are quickly replaced by accessing the release catch to lift the cover. Pop down the sealing cap, slide the old bag out of the collar, slide a new one in and you’re done! The hose can be detached quickly from the canister body for cleaning should it become clogged.

Functioning not only as a shock absorber for your vacuum to protect furniture, the ARIBELT is also an air filter and can be replaced if it’s ever damaged.

Additional Features

  • Easy Storage: The parking and storage aid allows you to simply place the wand directly into the parking station when you’re finished.
  • Automatic Cord Rewind: After cleaning house, who wants to retrieve and wind up a cord?
  • Furniture Protection: Your furniture and walls are protected from damage with the foam AIRBELT bumper that surrounds the canister.
  • Gradual Startup: The unit’s soft-start feature extends motor life by gradually powering the unit on.
  • Caster Wheels: Large rubber-coated wheels mean the unit easily moves over flooring.
  • Full Bag Indicator: If the vacuum bag becomes full or the suction hose is clogged an onboard indicator light will turn orange. In the case of an obstruction, the vacuum will automatically shut off.

SEBO E1 Kombi Canister #91602AM

$599.00 Regular Price
$549.00Sale Price